Quote of the day 11/13/2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Over at From Where I sit elliot summed up in one sentence what I tried to get at last week.

[The GOP] has to stop being the party of white folks.

He says more, but that’s the jist.

And neither he nor I believe the GOP/conservatives have to sacrifice conservatism to do that.

And that’s the quote of the day.


7 Responses to “Quote of the day 11/13/2008”

  1. The problem is I burn really easy, and don’t really tan… and then I peel right away. Would you rather have the party of white folks, or the party of red peeling folks?

  2. Red peeling folks are welcome, but just like any color, we have to appeal ( 😉 )to them.

  3. But how does one make inroads with minority voters without alienating one’s base?

  4. And that, scott, is the $64,000 question (Am I dating myself with that?). And I admit I don’t have all the answers.

    I think, again, the Democrats have led the way, and right at the top of the ticket.

    One of the Democrats’ biggest challenges was the religious vote. It wasn’t that Democrats didn’t believe in God, they just thought it should be private.

    But they learned that some people think it’s important, and they started speaking more openly about their faith and how it applies to their platform. Obama did much better among religious voters this year than Democrats have in previous years. This didn’t seem to bother the base.

    One reason is because it wasn’t that important in this election.

    Immigration and jobs are two hurdles Republicans face. But how do you, say remain tough on immigration (the base) yet promise stuff that would appeal to immigrants?

    Like I said, I don’t have all the answers, but I think one way is to find candidates who can empathize with what folks are going through and can articulate how conservative values can help them.

    And please, can we get candidates who are ethically clean?

    Again, maybe nothing would have helped McCain and Republicans once the mortgage mess and bailout happened. But I think there are enough people who basically agree with the conservative message that can bring the GOP back into power. And if we can first of all determine what is our message, and then get it out clearly, there is a chance.

  5. its great, thank u very much 🙂


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