How would you answer this?

by thoughtfulconservative

A poll question for people of faith.


3 Comments to “How would you answer this?”

  1. I don’t like the poll simply because it uses abortion as the primary example of a moral concern to think about. I don’t like this for two reasons.

    1. While I’m pro-life, the reality of the situation is that there is very little to be done any more at a national level regarding abortion. It’s a great wedge, but nothing ever moves.

    2. Abortion is the outlier moral issue for me. Most moral issues that gov’t does take issue with are things like drug use, prostitution, gambling, etc. While abortion deals with the right of a human being to live, the other “moral issues” are cases where gov’t is trying to legislate adults into acting in a moral way. Those are vices. Morality can’t be legislated, and actually shouldn’t be. Using abortion in that list is cheating, because its the one moral issue that deals with taking the primary right away from an individual.

    So I’d vote “economics”… and feel bad because people would think I’m voting in favor abortion.

  2. I don’t see an issue like jobs as being strictly an economic issue, but that’s primarily because I’m concerned about poverty.

  3. Nick, that’s a good point that I hadn’t thought of. Why use abortion as an example of moral concerns? Why use jobs as an example of economic concerns?

    Like Zach, poverty, usually an economic concern, is a moral concern to many left-leaning Christians.

    Where does the Iraq War fit in to the poll? Is it a moral concern? To the left it would be. Is it a moral concern for conservatives? I don’t see it that way. One would rarely think it’s an economic concern, unless they were vitally connected to the third party companies operating in Iraq.

    My vote was a result at looking at several concerns I had.

    To me, it shows the difficulty of developing poll questions, especially one question that fits a situation.

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