by thoughtfulconservative

I hate to write posts like this; it’s probably one reason I hardly do it.

Peter from Texas Hold ‘Em blog has written some pretty harsh things, both on his blog (which he has deleted) and at Boots & Sabres about the election results. Wendy and Owen both called him on it and perhaps his frustration has led him to delete his blog.

I like Peter. He’s a sharp guy. Unfortunately sometimes that sharpness was hidden by name calling and bitterness.

But hoping this country gets attacked repeatedly and wanting to put a bounty on the head of the president goes way beyond reasonable to me.

Again I like Peter. He has his style of blogging; I have mine. I won’t take him off the blog roll. I don’t blog roll that way.

But I had to write this. And I hope Peter understands.


4 Comments to “Vitriol”

  1. Dean, could you send me an email?

  2. Having met Peter several times, I never understood the vast difference between his blog persona and his real one. I never added him to my blog roll because I always view a blog roll of a tacit endorsement of what someone says.

    I may disagree with the people I blogroll, but I will not blog roll someone who says and acts the way he has always done so on a regular basis. I don’t endorse that type of behavior.

    At the same time, I am really worried about Peter. He has said some things on his blog at times that made me worry about his personal well being over the years, and this latest incident is far worse then anything he’s said before.

    I do think someone down in that part of the state needs to check in on him personally.

  3. I’ve often worried about some of the things he has written. The one and only time I met him he seemed at the same time angry and despondent. Those last comments on B&S were very disconcerting, and when I realized that his blog had been deleted, the concern factor went way up.

    Is there any way of checking on him?

  4. I appreciate Peter’s passionate defense of his beliefs, but I also think that passion has worked against him, case in point being his comments on B&S. I do think Peter had/still has a lot to add to the political discussion in the Cheddarsphere, and I hope he comes back once he’s had some time to cool off.

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