Congratulations, President-elect Obama

by thoughtfulconservative

Barack Obama has been elected president of the US. He ran a great campaign, especially in exciting new and younger voters to actually vote, compared to previous elections when they didn’t.

Beginning essentially with his speech at the Democratic convention in 2004, Obama has made few missteps in his march to this moment. An underdog, inexperienced, he conquered what many felt was a superior field of candidates, finally besting Hillary Clinton who, with her husband, was a superior campaigner.

And then he took on the party in power and defeated it.

He did it with a simple message of change and convinced people that change could happen.

It’s an historic occasion and I am proud of the fact that we have been able to elect an African American president, without regard for his race. I can only speculate on how all African Americans feel at this moment.

Both men made gracious speeches. We knew Obama was gifted, but McCain has seemed more comfortable lately, perhaps having resigned himself to defeat several days ago.

McCain was humble in accepting blame for the defeat. Obama was humble in reiterating that he doesn’t have the answers and can’t solve the problem on his own.

Now the hard work begins. Do I disagree with the direction he wants to take the country. Yes, I still do.

But he has my prayers as he chooses his cabinet and the direction his administration will take.


One Comment to “Congratulations, President-elect Obama”


    Check this link out — Can you say Jimmy Carter — what a mess he left

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