Are you watching Monday Night Football?

by thoughtfulconservative

Washington Redskins Predict Presidential Elections

Stay with me here. For a long time, the winner of the last Washington Redskins home game before the presidential election echoed the winner of the election in this way; if the Redskins won, the party in power retained the presidency; if they lost, the party in power lost the election.

This went unchanged from the time the Redskins made their home in Washington until, well, 2004 when the Packers beat the Redskins and John Kerry lost the election.

OK, this is like that coincidence of every president since 1840 who was elected in a year ending in zero, died in office. This ended with President Reagan.

But if you’re a Republican grasping at straws, watch the game.

UPDATE: Here’s another (via steveegg),

1960 – Jets record: 4-5; Party elected: Democrats

1964 – Jets record: 4-2-1; Party elected: Democrats

1968 – Jets record: 6-2; Party elected: Republicans

1972 – Jets record: 5-3; Party elected: Republicans

1976 – Jets record: 2-6; Party elected: Democrats

1980 – Jets record: 2-7; Party elected: Republicans

1984 – Jets record: 6-4; Party elected: Republicans

1988 – Jets record: 5-4-1; Party elected: Republicans

1992 – Jets record: 2-6; Party elected: Democrats

1996 – Jets record: 1-8; Party elected: Republicans [sic – as steveegg points out in the comments, this should be Democrats]

2000 – Jets record: 6-3; Party elected: Republicans

2004 – Jets record: 6-1; Party elected: Republicans

The Jets are 5-3.


2 Comments to “Are you watching Monday Night Football?”

  1. You need to correct the 1996 item. I don’t think Bill Clinton will appreciate you calling him a Pubbie.

  2. Thanks, steve, that’s what I get for cutting and pasting without reading so late at night.

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