Will the November Election Be a Fair Election?

by thoughtfulconservative

Our favorite free liberal paper asks.

I can answer.


Why not?

Well, it depends on which side you’re on.

If you’re a Republican, you’re convinced every one’s dead grandmother, felons, illegal immigrants and more are going to be casting a vote. It’s the Democratic game plan.

It you’re a Democrat, you just know that voters will be prevented from voting, ballots will be lost, machines will be rigged and more. It’s the Republican game plan.

New technologies are invented because the old technologies were suspect. Longer lines from having to learn how to use these new methods of voting.

“Fraud. Fraud,” greets each new story of some irregularity. ACORN and Diebold, registrations and restrictions, machinations about machines, Photo ID and same day registration, everyone’s got their villain or villains.

And all this happened because of a few hanging chads in southeast Florida.


5 Responses to “Will the November Election Be a Fair Election?”

  1. People’s perceptions and fears do not make it so. I do believe that there are some nasty Republican efforts to stymie voting in Democratic areas. I’ve read how they gave fewer voting machines than were needed, I’ve read how they distribute flyers telling people to vote on the wrong day, or other such misinformation.

    But you know what? I’m not worried about it. Those kinds of things are not systemic. They aren’t part of a national GOP strategy. They’re a half dozen crazies who are going it alone.

    Besides, the kind of influence they had would be minimal and only matter in a hotly contested state upon which the election hinged. There simply are no such states right now. Obama doesn’t need any of the really tight races to win. Therefore, their effort can have no real effect on the outcome.

  2. My thoughts are similar in the Democratic direction. ACORN’s problems seem to be zealousness.


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