Take the day off. Vote.

by thoughtfulconservative

Cindy Kilkenny at Fairly Conservative pointed out that Obama’s campaign was urging people to take Tuesday off and work for the campaign.

Sen. Mary Lazich told us at Conservatively Speaking that Wisconsin employers are required to give their employees three hours off so they can vote,

6.76 Time off for voting.
(1) Any person entitled to vote at an election is entitled to be absent from work while the polls are open for a period not to exceed 3 successive hours to vote. The elector shall notify the affected employer before election day of the intended absence. The employer may designate the time of day for the absence.
(2) No penalty, other than a deduction for time lost, may be imposed upon an elector by his or her employer by reason of the absence authorized by this section.
(3) This section applies to all employers including the state and all political subdivisions of the state and their employees, but does not affect the employees’ right to holidays existing on June 28, 1945, or established after that date.
History: 1977 c. 394; 1991 a. 316.

And I found out that Wisconsin is not alone among the states in this.

Then I came across this initiative that asks employers to give their employees an hour off to vote.

I think it should be a national holiday. And in that I see I agree with this particularly brilliant writer,

One solution suggested by some is to make election day a holiday. Would people be more likely to vote then? Perhaps. In this day of incentives, an alternative may be to give businesses incentives to allow employees time to vote.


3 Responses to “Take the day off. Vote.”

  1. Yes, then we can have all the irony of labor day. The professional classes having the day off to shop with workers serving their every need.

  2. I’m in agreement that election day should be a national holiday.


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