Ron Paul endorses Charles Baldwin for president

by thoughtfulconservative

This happened back in late September. Was I asleep? Or does no one care? And who is Charles Baldwin?

He’s running on the Constitution Party ticket. Yeah, they’re on the ballot.

Ron Paul, Libertarian Party member, Republican congressman from Texas, endorser of the Constitution Party candidate.

Sorry about that, Bob Barr.


2 Comments to “Ron Paul endorses Charles Baldwin for president”

  1. This was a a stupid pissy thing between Barr and Paul that should have been put aside. Before Paul endorsed Baldwin, Paul called together all the third party candidates for a big love fest news conference. Basically he was trying to put whatever media credibility he had to use to advertise the uphill battle that third parties have against the stacked deck the R’s and D’s have created.

    Barr backed out at the last minute. I’m sure theres more history there, but as a result, Paul endorsed Baldwin.

    Listening to Barr interview lately, he’s trying to sound very mainstream, more like a Republican who means it vs. a Libertarian, though he’s definitely still putting Libertarian spin on things. But he’s trying to get some Republican crossover. Because of that, I think he’s trying to distance himself from the other third parties which tend to be even more fringe.

  2. It appears that Barr will not take part in the Free and Equal Debate. Only Nader and Baldwin have confirmed.

    Cindy McKinney is in LA and Obama and McCain obviously won’t attend.

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