The job advice I give my kids

by thoughtfulconservative

Get a government job.

Perk gives judge paid leave for 14 months


3 Comments to “The job advice I give my kids”

  1. Good God, no kidding.

    If I had it to do over again, I’d take my college professor’s advice and become a college professor, myself.

  2. I’ll admit one thing: many college professors don’t really work that hard. (Shh!)

    But let me burst your ballon on government jobs. Someone I know once worked for the state of Wisconsin. According to his report, it was a hard, thankless job with a large workload. The pay sucked so badly that when he finally left, he walked directly into a 30% pay increase at a private firm. Sure, the health benefits were good–but they weren’t that good.

  3. OK, hard thankless job, low pay (except for those health benefits, yeah), but how many times are government workers laid off?

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