I hope the election is a blowout

by thoughtfulconservative

One way or another. Because if its close neither side will accept the result if they lose.

From techPresident Why ’08 Will Be the Election of Databases (One Way or Another)

We’ve talked a great deal about data this cycle, from Obama’s use of Catalist and VAN to the Republican National Committee’s vaunted Voter Vault. And this election may indeed be the election of databases — but it might be the states’ voter databases we’re talking about on November 5th.

2 Responses to “I hope the election is a blowout”

  1. I’d suggest that the left wouldn’t accept a McCain victory no matter what.

    If it’s by a slim margin, there will be cries of hanging chads, confusing ballots, and disenfranchised voters.

    If His O-liness loses by a mile, it would run contrary to preliminary polling which they’d insist was indicative of widespread voter fraud, probably enabled by the right-wing corporate Diebold electronic voting machine conglomerate.

    Note that they’re still beating up on Gableman for unseating Loophole Louie. Now increase the magnitude of that contest to the level of the national presidency.

    Next month is gonna be ugly, no matter what happens…



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