McCain/Palin Waukesha rally

by thoughtfulconservative

Mary from Freedom Eden was there.

As was the Dave Casper Experience.

And James T. Harris.

Oh, and Wendy.

There was also HeatherRadish from Hasenpfeffer Incorporated.

Mrs. Headless Blogger went also and there are pics.

UPDATE: Kyle Prast of Practically Conservative was also there.

UPDATE II: Alex was there, too.


5 Comments to “McCain/Palin Waukesha rally”

  1. We were thrilled down here in Tennessee (Red State) listening to you all up there in Waukesha telling McCain how the cow ate the cabbage. I have wanted to say the things you all said so many times, and with the same anger, passion, and persuasion, and I want to thank all of those people in Waukesha for saying the things we can’t get through down here because we are not a battleground state.

    I was thrilled out of my mind when that gentleman told McCain that it wasn’t the economy that was making him mad, but these socialists that are taking over our country. My sentiments exactly. Socialists. And when he called them hooligans, I was cheering and crying. And when he told McCain and Palin to it was time they start fighting for us: “Go Get ‘Em” I was screaming in my car driving down the road with the windows open.

    Please tell them, anyway you can, how much it meant to me, to us, because I don’t know how to do so. Please tell them on your radio show. So many of us are angry, and I am blogging everywhere I can get a word in to say so, but it was so amazing to hear the good citizens of Waukesha giving it to our candidates, urging them on. I wanted to vomit when McCain went on to talk about reaching across the aisle. At this point, I only want him to reach across the aisle to smack the spit out of Pelosi, Dodd, Waxman, Frank, Waters, Reid, etc.

    Anyway, I cannot tell you how much I love the good people of Waukesha at this moment; how solid and good and real they came through over the airwaves. If only we could all march on Washington, enter the house and the senate, and tell these guys to run this country only by the constitution, not their socialists dreams.

    Oh, Rush Limbaugh is replaying the gentleman who said “I am mad. I am really mad….” right now….got to go cheer again.

    Christine Helrigel
    Signal Mountain, TN

  2. Disgusting!

    I have no other response to this hate rally. For a county rolling in money, you would think the people would be more informed on the issues of the day. All I saw was alot of fear and hate mongering. Oh… and not one black person. The plant from the Milwaukee radio station does not count.

    I was born and raised in Waukesha. I spent 28 years of my life there. I moved to NJ in 1978. Thank God. The hate and racism I now see coming from all those so called good Christians make me want to vomit. McCain and Palin are promoting fear. The braindead residents of Waukesha are buying it.

    What I have seen in my life out there was racism. I saw a black family try to move into this Christian town only to have the residents gang up on them. Don’t want those home values going down now, do we?
    I saw a small black child riding a bike in a suburb. He was visiting a family. Do you know cars actually pulled to the side of the road to watch him…like a freak show?

    But these wonderful Christins do manage to go to church every Sunday. They see nothing wrong with promoting hate and racism. So typical of Bush lovers.

    This city and county is an embarassment for all of America.
    By the way, my relatives still live there. I call them the bubble people. Can you imagine? 60,000 people all living in the Bush bubble.

    It is people like this who got us into this mess to begin with.

  3. As a lifelong Hispanic resident of Waukesha, I can vow that you can’t generalize a party or group of supporters as racists. Just because someone doesn’t agree with your ideas, does not make them a racist. I am a conservative Republican and am tired of the Democrats blaming everyone instead of looking to get to work on finding answers and solutions to our financial problems.I have not heard much from Obama on his solutions…the silence is deafening.

  4. Maybe you don’t want to.
    Closeminded people always see what they want to see…nothing more.

    You are Hispanic. How many blacks now live in the city of Waukesha?

    You must have a few token ones hanging around.

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