James Harris is right

by thoughtfulconservative

I’ll believe the MSM is not in Obama’s pocket as soon as William Ayers appears on the cover of TIME just like David Duke did. And they paint the whole Democratic Party with him, just like happened to Republicans.

Yeah, when pigs fly.


3 Comments to “James Harris is right”

  1. Ayers and Obama are “joined at the hip”? Look, this whole story has been hashed over for a year. Even the Times did a multiple page article about it the other day. There simply is no there there. The guy did bad stuff when Obama was 8. He subsequently got a PhD and served on a school board that Obama was also on. Plus I think he hosted a fund raiser for him during his state senate race. That’s “joined at the hip”? There’s no evidence of a close relationship. He’s not like an advisor or a personal friend.

    This you think is a winning strategy? Come on. I think you have stickier dirt on him with Wright. And what about your side? McCain has his Keating 5 scandal. Palin has legitimate ties to an Alaska separatist group.

    Here’s an idea. Why doesn’t McCain go after Obama’s policy positions?

  2. There’s also the fact that David Duke was a Republican candidate who enjoyed significant support from voters and other elected GOP officials. Bill Ayers is a mostly private citizen who is not seeking any kind of elected position under the aegis of a major political party.

    Not only is there no real there there between Obama and Ayers, as scott said, there is no apples-to-apples comparison between Duke and Ayers.

  3. There is plenty of “there” between Obama and Ayres. And it’s all recent. Ayres chose Obama to dole out the money for the Annenberg Challenge. Ayres and his wife hosted Obama’s debut as a candidate. Stop reading the New York Times and open your eyes. Take a look at this piece by Deroy Murdock: http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=ODE2MDAxZjBiYTI1OWI4YzNlM2RmYWU4MzU2MTM3Zjc=

    If McCain had had even half as close a relationship with Timothy McVeigh as Obama does with Ayres, McCain would have been eliminated as a candidate before the race even started.

    The only difference between McVeigh and Ayres is that McVeigh actually killed people. Ayres just wishes he had.

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