I can’t figure it out

by thoughtfulconservative

The polls indicate Obama is running away with the race. Democrats won’t admit that (Well, some will), thinking somehow that they will jinx the race and give it to McCain. But I think Obama is going to win.

So why is the Left acting so panicky? One thinks McCain moves like a some strange robot, characterizing him as creepy. Well, if memory serves he was tortured in a Vietnamese prison–might have something to do with it.

Another thinks McCain is suffering from ancient form of blindness.

Another is promoting a “documentary” by the Obama camp.

Even nationally known columnists seem to be hallucinating, besides ignoring documentation otherwise (I thought it was the conservatives who ignored facts) Stolen elections? Does ACORN favor McCain?

And not so real journalists swiftboating McCain (Kane calls it “well-written and well-researched.” Why? ‘Cuz it’s long? Memo to Kane [Update–and Rowen]: If it includes the debunked 5 crashed planes meme and the one where he sang for his captors, how can I believe it’s “well-researched?”)

You’d think McCain was leading.

Maybe they’re just trying to make sure. But they sound almost as desperate as they accuse McCain of being.


One Comment to “I can’t figure it out”

  1. I think we Democrats aren’t willing to admit Obama’s going to win because we know three weeks is an eternity in a presidential election. Anything could happen, and from my perspective there’s no point in celebrating until all the votes are counted.

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