Is McCain done?

by thoughtfulconservative

If you’ve been watching the electoral map from Election Projection on the right side of my blog the last few days, you’ll notice that today things took a sharp turn upward for Obama. I’ll let the Blogging Caesar explain,

Did you hear that swoosh sound coming from Election Projection last week? No, it wasn’t the mortgage crisis. That noise was the bottom falling out for John McCain. The GOP nominee trailed Barack Obama by just 8 electoral votes in last week’s update. During the week however, state after state shed its redness in favor of a more azure shade. On Tuesday, Florida and Nevada switched from red to blue. On Wednesday, Virginia slid into Obama’s column, followed by Ohio on Thursday and North Carolina on Friday. And Missouri rounds out McCain’s collapse by bolting this morning.

Missouri! Missouri!! What in the world is going on? If you check out the “No Toss-up States” map at the numbers are about the same. has Obama winning before tallying the toss-up states.

Well, the economy. No matter how much McCain and Palin paint themselves as mavericks, people connect the economic downturn (and no, I’m not afraid to call it a recession) to the Republicans.

With the withdrawal from Michigan, things are not looking good. It appears that Nebraska may be in doubt. Nebraska! Obama is spending time in Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia and hasn’t been in Ohio in almost a month.

The WEEK magazine’s daily update had a compendium wondering if the race is over.

Man, I’m sure glad I don’t put much faith in polls.

But it doesn’t look good right now.


One Comment to “Is McCain done?”

  1. Yeah, he’s done. It’s hard to imagine what’s going to happen between now and election day that could give him the kind of momentum he’d need to win at this point.

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