John McCain on “Fox and Friends”

by thoughtfulconservative

This morning:

“I also strongly recommended that we use the exchange stability fund that the Treasury has available — $250 billion — to shore up these institutions. Also, the Treasury has at its disposal about $1 trillion that they could begin without Congressional authority buying up some of these terrible mortgages and help stabilize the situation.” [Emphasis mine]

Great. So now we don’t need Congress?

Video below:

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3 Responses to “John McCain on “Fox and Friends””

  1. Very Interesting to catch something on tv like this…My most recent column is about something I just happened to catch on tv, too, a comment by a Wisconsin blogger about McCain. (how often do you even see a blogger on tv? James Widgerton was also on, but the other blogger is the one that “inspired” a response!)

  2. Well, I can’t brag too much about “catching” it–it came in a John McCain e-mail.


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