by thoughtfulconservative

If Ralph Nader agrees with Jim Sensenbrenner, things must be confused.

One thing troubles me though,

Today, the American people rose up and slapped down the two Wall Street controlled political parties.

If Wall Street controls both parties, why was it voted down?


2 Comments to “Confused?”

  1. The people deserve to win every now and then. I think there are some interesting left / right alliances on some core issues. Ralph Nader and Ron Paul may have similar positions on the federal reserve, but they take very different routes to get there. Like the immigration bill this was a boiling point of sorts.

  2. Of course the agreement is overstated, as you say, there are differences in the way we go after opposition.

    And Nader is right in the fact that it was the people voicing their opposition that brought about the defeat.

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