Baseball Playoffs

by thoughtfulconservative

The Rays still don’t know who they’re playing. Since Chicago beat Detroit today, Minnesota and Chicago meet tomorrow in Chicago to determine who goes home and who goes on. John Danks will go for the White Sox while Nick Blackburn goes for the Twins. James Shields will be starting on Thursday afternoon in St. Petersburg no matter who they play. They will also play Friday and Sunday with other games scheduled for Monday and Wednesday, if required.

John Lackey of the Los Angeles Angels will face Jon Lester of the Red Sox Wednesday evening in Los Angeles. Games will follow on Friday and Sunday with if necessary games on Monday and Wednesday of next week. The Red Sox may be hampered if Josh Beckett can’t come back from his injury by his expected start date of Sunday.

In the National League, Milwaukee goes to Philadelphia to start the playoffs. The Phillies will start Cole Hamels while the Brewers send Yovani Gallaro. Game 2 will be on Thursday and Game 3 Saturday. If necessary, Games 4 and 5 will follow on Sunday and Tuesday.

The Los Angeles Dodgers-Chicago Cubs series starts Wednesday as well. The Cubs will send Ryan Dempster against the Dodgers’ Derek Lowe. Game 2 will also be in Chicago on Thursday before moving to LA on Saturday for game 3. If necessary, game 4 will be in LA on Sunday and game 5 on Tuesday in Chicago.

To update my beginning of the year predictions, I got the Angels and Red Sox in the playoffs along with the Cubs and Phillies in the NL. But Cleveland is not going to win the World Series.


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