Live blogging the debate

by thoughtfulconservative

No not me but you can find folks live blogging.

Josh Schroeder. It’s his first time so be gentle.

No Runny Eggs. Steve is an old hat at this.

Eugene Kane will be posting his thoughts through the night.

UPDATE: Ann Althouse is also live blogging. will have updates at their blog.

You can join Rate the Debates and rate the media.

You can also join Hack the Debates on Twitter. You can put “#current” on your Tweet and search for other comments using the same.

I’m sure all the major news media will have open comment threads. Here are some I received via a Ralph Nader e-mail:

Many national blogs will also live blog or have open threads.

If you just want a debate pasttime, Wiggy shares a drinking game. If you follow it, I predict you’ll be wasted half way through.


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