Republicans fault both campaigns for negative ads

by thoughtfulconservative

Via RealClearPolitics

Leading Republicans on Sunday faulted both presidential campaigns for the increasingly negative tone of their advertising, suggesting the bitter attacks undermine John McCain and Barack Obama’s credibility with voters and could backfire.

One could wonder why no Democrats have criticized both campaigns.

I guess they think Obama’s ads have not gone over the top.


3 Comments to “Republicans fault both campaigns for negative ads”

  1. I don’t know. Has any Obama ad equalled “she killed the bridge to nowhere” in it’s falsehood? I don’t watch television, so I’m genuinely asking.

  2. One could say that as one who has voted the Democratic Part line 97% of the time, the whole meme of “change” from Obama is a lie.

    But how about lobbyists for one?

  3. Sorry, did you just say that you vote Democratic 97% of the time?

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