More trouble in Obama-land?

by thoughtfulconservative

Politico – On the stump, Obama moves past hope

The “hopemonger” is gone.

Barack Obama sounds more like a man trying to shake a rain cloud these days, dispensing a teeth-clenching, I-get-your-pain stump speech in town after town that offers only snippets of the unbridled optimism that long permeated his campaign pitch.

Beginning in the days before his party’s convention, the inspirational has given way to the traditional: attacks on John McCain, a register of policy prescriptions and partisan language with the sting of a needle.

Politico – Obama needs more cash

In July, Obama spent $57 million — more than any prior month and more than the $51 million he collected that month. A large chunk of that cash went to the salaries of his expanding field operation.

His expenses for August were a bit higher because of the extensive advertising he aired that month — including a run of commercials during NBC’s broadcast of the Beijing Olympics.

Clarence Page – Obama Needs A Game Changer, Too

Their presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama, has lost his momentum and his mojo. Sen. John McCain, newly infused with mojo-by-proxy in the form of his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, is exciting his own party’s base for a change. While Obama’s campaign tries to sort out the surprises and come up with a new game plan, polls show the electorate rapidly coming together into a dead heat, at best.


One Comment to “More trouble in Obama-land?”

  1. And now, ABC News says that one of Obama’s ads has “some real factual problems”.

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