I hope you don’t have to travel I-94 the next couple of days

by thoughtfulconservative

Miller Park to host Astros, Cubs

Milwaukee was initially ruled out, partly because of an event scheduled on the field over the weekend and partly because the series could amount to extra home games for the Cubs, who play 90 miles down Interstate 94 at Wrigley Field.

But don’t go looking for $10 tickets like last year’s Indians-Angels series,

Tickets for both days will be priced at the Marquee Game rates, which range from $25 to $60, and seating will be sold in the Field and Loge Levels only at Miller Park. Tickets went on sale at 9 p.m. CT Saturday, and fans were encouraged to go to Cubs.com, Astros.com or Brewers.com to purchase the seats and select the “print at home” option.


2 Comments to “I hope you don’t have to travel I-94 the next couple of days”

  1. For $10 I would have gone. But not at regular prices.

  2. I think they were surprised by the turnout last time. One usher we talked to said they usually expect 8-10,000 and they got double that. I think with the Cubs fans so close, they’re going to try and make some money.

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