Scott Hazelcorn (8/14/1972 – 9/11/2001)

by thoughtfulconservative

Today is the 7th anniversary of that tragic day. No politics today. As I did 2 years ago, I honor Scott Hazelcorn, an employee at Cantor Fitzgerald. Here’s what I posted then,

The thing about 9/11 is that it didn’t matter what creed or ideology you subscribed to. Like Scott Hazelcorn. Republican, Democrat, Green, Libertarian or independent, the fact remains that his life was snuffed out at a much too young age.

I can’t read far in the memorial guest book without tears welling up in my eyes for a young man taken from his family and friends far too soon.

I found it so moving, I’m going to quote the New York Times page on Scott.

Dream of an Ice Cream Truck

“At a memorial service for Scott Hazelcorn, his father learned that there were at least a dozen people who considered his son their best friend. This was not the result of duplicity, Charles Hazelcorn said, but rather a function of Scott’s open heart and sunny nature. Each eulogist put it differently: your problem was his problem; he made each person feel he was the only one in the room; he taught people to hug each other; he was the one who made work fun.

“‘Nobody enjoyed life more, from the minute he got up to the minute he went to sleep,’ his father said. And to that end there were ‘Haz’s Rules,’ which included setting the clock radio to a Spanish language station, which he could not understand, so he never had to start the day listening to bad news.

“The younger Mr. Hazelcorn, 29, was a trader of long-term treasury bonds at Cantor Fitzgerald; his girlfriend, Amy Callahan, was a special-education teacher. The pair had plans for a summer camp for needy kids. Scott often told his parents that he wanted to buy an ice cream truck, so he could hear the squeals of children all day.

“When Cantor Fitzgerald spun off a company called eSpeed, which allowed clients to do their own trading, Mr. Hazelcorn’s work group shrank from 30 to 4. In a few months, it was to disappear altogether, his father said. To his son that was good news: between yearly raises, bonuses and stock options in eSpeed, he was planning to buy that ice cream truck.
Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 9, 2001.”

As a tribute to Scott, his family formed The Scott Hazelcorn Children’s Foundation. Its purpose has been to offer a one-week, all expense paid summer experience for children who lost a loved one on September 11, 2001. The goal of Camp Haze is to provide these children with refuge from worry and grief, a network of peers and a staff that understands their unique emotional needs. Starting in the summer of 2006 children, ages 7-12, who have lost a loved one to illness or tragedy are also eligible.

The camp accepts donations online.

The camp has more about Scott.

This will be my only post today. No partisan politics. No insightful commentary. No witty or odd headlines. And I gave my blog a simpler theme and limited it to showing one post.

Tomorrow partisan bickering resumes. After all there’s an election to be won. But not today.

This day is Scott’s.

Here is a list of more tributes.

UPDATE: There are too many tributes to list but you can go to silent E and No Runny Eggs for their list. Here’s also tributes from the campaigns:
McCain/Palin Campaign
Obama/Biden Campaign

6 Responses to “Scott Hazelcorn (8/14/1972 – 9/11/2001)”

  1. Scott, you are remembered this day…

  2. I know what you mean about not being able to get too far through these tributes without tearing up. I was surprised to realize still how much this brings back – no matter how many years have passed. They were all just good, normal people going about their lives – so unfair.

    Thank you for remembering Scott.


  3. Thank you for you tribute!

    I posted one too.

  4. I was born also on August 14th 1972.


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