They don’t call this the “silly season” for nothing.

by thoughtfulconservative

Leaving no stone unturned in this election season, The Santa Fe Reporter talks to an astrologer about the election.

Some of her thoughts amazing,

You’ve looked at Gov. Sarah Palin’s chart and tentative birth time. What initially struck you about the Republican vice presidential nominee?
My initial thoughts are that she’s highly dramatic, intensely controversial, has an incredible amount of charisma, adds luster and sparkle to the Republican ticket and its legions, especially since McCain is so lackluster. She does for the Republicans what [presidential nominee US Sen. Barack] Obama did for the Democrats. She becomes the personality, the light around which people want to rally. You can’t wait to hear what she is going to say next.

See what I mean? Who would have guessed this?

I know you can’t wait to hear more,

Well, some of our most popular presidents have been Aquarius [like Palin]. Ronald Reagan was Aquarius, as was Franklin Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. The sign itself doesn’t say whether you’re going to be liberal or conservative, to the left or the right, it just means the character of who you are is charismatic, usually can find a cause to jump on the bandwagon, or lead the bandwagon and rally a force of troops. People tend to elect Aquarians to be their voice, people who don’t feel that they have a voice.

Yeah, you’re feeling it, aren’t you?

McCain is a Virgo and that’s not necessarily a sign of leadership.

Democrats, especially may be surprised by that.

Finally, and sadly,

Given what all of the astrologers have been saying about McCain’s health from his chart, it’s highly likely that he would not serve out that term if he were to be president.

I look forward to more cutting edge stories from The Reporter. I may even add their feed so I won’t miss one.

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2 Comments to “They don’t call this the “silly season” for nothing.”

  1. Hey, thanks for linking to my interview with Arielle. You’d be surprised at how popular it is, considering it’s Santa Fe and all… for more, here’s a video with Arielle talking about how the stars show that Gov. Bill Richardson isn’t VP material, but better suited for Secretary of State.

  2. LOL. Thanks for your response. I wasn’t really expecting my lowly blog to get a response from a big city paper.

    It probably shouldn’t surprise me how popular it is. I hope you are too offended by my tone here, but it was a surprise to me. Do you usually write about this kind of stuff? I don’t mean that in any condescending way; I’m really curious. Was the article about Gov. Richardson as popular?

    So you think McCain will pick Gov. Richardson for Sec. of State? 🙂

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