Primary voting tomorrow, Sept. 9

by thoughtfulconservative

Not much to vote on in my ward. Register of Deeds primary. Why do we vote for this again? Is this something people should be deciding? What does a Register of Deeds do?

Then there’s the Fifth Congressional District Republican Primary. Jim Burkee is challenging long time representative Jim Sensenbrenner. I’ve written about it some.

Many of my thoughts parallel Owen’s. I like some of Burkee’s stated positions. And I disagree with some. I agree with some positions Sensenbrenner has taken and disagree with others.

Then I look at who’s supporting Burkee. He has courted moderates, liberals and libertarians. John Torinus likes him and calls him a moderate. The Journal Sentinel and Sheherd Express have both endorsed him.

It’s just too much to cut through. He talks a good talk, but …

And I don’t think the deficit is as big a problem as Burkee contends.

I’ll stick with Sensenbrenner.


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