The whole “experience” thing

by thoughtfulconservative

Ok, the left is charging that Sarah Palin doesn’t have enough experience to be President, hence she shouldn’t be a vice-presidential candidate. The Right, including McCain, has said the same thing about Obama.

My opinion? So what?

Why do I say that? Several reasons.

Harry Truman. Truman was a county judge before being elected to the Senate in 1934. He was re-elected in 1940 and tapped to be vice-president in 1944. He took office soon after upon the death of FDR. Not much experience.

Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln served one term in the House and was out of office until elected president in 1860. Hardly any experience.

Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt served as Secretary of the Navy for a couple of years then was elected governor of New York in 1898. In 1900, he became William McKinley’s running mate and ascended to the presidency a few months later upon McKinley’s death.

Truman, Lincoln, Roosevelt. Not a bad trio of presidents. And not a whole lot of experience when they became president.

No one knows if Palin or Obama would be like these three if they should happen to become president. But they certainly have as much experience.

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5 Comments to “The whole “experience” thing”

  1. you failed to mention (sorry for the rant here) that all those people had higher IQ’s and better policies during their time than Palin does. And back then you didn’t need too much foreign policy experience because you didn’t have nukes.


  2. You also failed to mention the mirror point – that having a ton of ‘experience’ does, by NO MEANS, make you a good leader either. Just look at George W Bush.

  3. Yeah, pacer521, it was a rant and hardly worth the effort of typing a reply. I assume you have hard data on those IQs? Didn’t think so.

    If memory serves, Lincoln had to deal with a couple of small problems as did Truman. And I think Truman actually used nukes.

    God: I thought that went without saying 😉

  4. WELL IT DOESN’T!!! 😡

  5. ok, so you guys seriously believe the someone who looked over the state of alaska and lead a town of 8,000 can be the president on the united states, a land of 302,000,000 people, and perfectly solve the next 9/11 and Katrina? Plus anything else that gets thrown at us, A.K.A Russia/Georgia.

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