Still classy there on the left

by thoughtfulconservative

And this load of crap (pardon the language) is promoted by a Wisconsin blog whose banner states,

Religion Politics Culture: “We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love, one another.” -Jonathan Swift

Thanks for showing the love. I guess progressive religion is not better than the Religious Right.

More commentary at Althouse.

And yet more.

Keep it coming, folks. You’ll give the election to the Republicans yet and won’t know why you lost.

3 Responses to “Still classy there on the left”

  1. Surely you don’t really believe some guy’s anonymously-sourced hatched job on Palin is going to “give the election to the Republicans”? I tend to view these things pretty skeptically, though. First thing I ask myself is: how is it fundamentally different than the stuff you guys did to Bill Clinton? Often the answer is that it’s not that fundamentally different–even if I suspect it may be true, I simply cannot allow myself to take it as fact or represent it to others as the truth. I don’t really know that it is, and it’s best to leave it alone unless something more substantial comes along in the way of evidence. Usually it never does. Besides all that, I never like to make elections about character, as you really don’t have the ability to personally get to know either of them. What you get is their highly manufactured story and the other camp’s highly manufactured story. There’s no real chance of knowing something important about their character. So it’s best to stick to issues.

  2. One won’t. At the rate they’re coming, though….

    I assume by “you guys” you mean other conservatives, cuz I don’t remember doing anything to Clinton. He got oral sex from someone who wasn’t his wife and lied about it. I guess that’s OK for a leader to do. But I don’t talk about it and I think the impeachment was a waste of time and money. If Hillary didn’t care, why should I?

    If you mean Foster and other crap the right brought up, then I agree with you. Nothing substantial so move along. Some of the Right’s hatred of Hillary is based on stuff that’s not based on fact either. I don’t know why some hate her so.

    Maybe I’m just naive.


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