McCain Palin rally in Cedarburg

by thoughtfulconservative

It’s being televised live by CNN on their website (maybe others also).


3 Comments to “McCain Palin rally in Cedarburg”

  1. Cedarburg is a pretty place. Of all the spots one could have chosen to shoot something like this, in front of a store with the word “eatery” above the heads, with the reflection of the glass in the shot, is not one I would have picked.

    I didn’t listen to it all. What I heard of it, though, I thought was great.

    Except for the location.

  2. I was at the rally, about third row, and it was great. I had no idea there were so many people behind and to the sides of where I was standing, but I just heard a news report that about 20,000 showed up. They were both very genuine, and I had the opportunity to shake Sarah Palin’s hand after speeches. I hope the city of Cedarburg and the McCain/Palin campaign know how grateful everyone there was for the opportunity.

  3. Cedarburg is a very good place. Here I found a device used for smoking pot. Different from a bong in that a bubbler tends to be smaller, and does not have a removable bowl.

    In a bong, when you want to pull your hit through, you take out the bong. In a bubbler, you let go of the shottie (a hole in the side).

    The concept behind a bubbler is similar to a pipe, except there is water involved. Man I just bought a phat bubbler down at hi times. Come blaze with me!

    That is why I like this place.

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