Journal Sentinel endorses Burkee for Congress

by thoughtfulconservative

It probably didn’t surprise Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner. The Journal Sentinel endorsed opponent Bryan Kennedy two years ago. And today they endorsed Sensenbrenner’s Republican opponent, Prof. Jim Burkee to become the Wisconsin Fifth Congressional District representative.

This is a mixed blessing for Burkee. A Journal Sentinel endorsement against a proven conservative usually doesn’t win one any brownie points with the right.

Here are their main points:

Burkee is a fiscal hawk.

He feels tax cuts should follow spending cuts, not the reverse.

Burkee also has talked of a “comprehensive” approach to energy rather than the sort of grandstanding of many who simply call for drilling for oil.

Burkee also favors a third way between protectionism and a no-holds-barred approach which he refers to as “balanced trade.”

Their objection to Sensenbrenner is the same as 2 years earlier: too often he is a roadblock in Congress, especially on immigration. But in a statement one might look at with a jaundiced eye the “editorial board” says,

But our support for Burkee has more to do with the strength of his ideas than with our past disagreements with the incumbent.

The Journal Sentinel’s disagreements with Sensenbrenner are many and varied.

So will the endorsement help or hinder Burkee. Or does anyone care?

(Cross posted at Fairly Conservative).

UPDATE: Blogs that have endorsed Burkee include Nick Schweitzer (implied), Josh Schoeder (who was a student of Burkee, if I remember right).

Those who are not impressed include Spring City Chronicle and Asian Badger. Owen will be voting for Sensenbrenner and elliot seems to be leaning that way. Kyle Prast will also vote for Sensenbrenner.

I’ve already noted Shepherd Express’s endorsement, but include it here for completeness.

Other endorsements will be added as I encounter them.

3 Comments to “Journal Sentinel endorses Burkee for Congress”

  1. I doubt anyone will care. This is the most conservative district in WI. They are already fairly satisfied with Sensenbrenner and how conservative could a college professor be. I even find myself having liberal thoughts and I’m just beginning the long road to a doctorate.

    I can’t help but laugh at the editorial board at the MJS. That line of bull about supporting Burkee not for reasons of disagreement with Sensenbrenner is very laughable. I can’t believe they think people will believe that!

  2. I took one of his history courses. You remember correctly.

  3. Wow. Sometimes the ole brain does still work. Thanks.

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