So how did Sarah Palin do?

by thoughtfulconservative

We conservatives are, admittedly, like Gov. Palin already and see her speech in a different light than others.

But is there perhaps some other, qualitative way to judge her performance tonight?

Perhaps there is. Comparing their list to the speech posted below, here’s what I came up with.

  • Reclaim Her Image. I think she did that.
  • Substance Matters. She reeled off a number of issues and the proposed solutions to each. Simplified, of course, but it was a start to showing she could grasp national issues.
  • Blame the Media. This was an easy one. Any one not know that this was coming.
  • Call Out Obama. She certainly did this. Whether you agree with what she said about him, she certainly let it be known that she’s not afraid to be the “attack dog.”
  • Charisma Counts. The crowd loved her, whether it was just the base, r just Republicans. It remains to be seen if she can carry that over to the independents, undecideds or dissaffected Democrats (if these exist at all).

Mission accomplished. Tonight anyway.

(Crossposted at Fairly Conservative).

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