OK, now a wrong one

by thoughtfulconservative

From April 9

Joe Maddon is predicting a .500 record for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays this year. Right. But they probably won’t finish last thanks to the Orioles. Maybe 70 wins will help get them that new stadium at the waterfront.

They have that .500 record with 30 games left. But last night they still only drew 14,039,

making it the sixth consecutive Rays’ home game with a turnout under 20,000.

As a Rays fan, the team’s performance has been exciting. Every time I thought, “OK, now they start their slide,” they haven’t.

They still could they play 3 at home and 3 away against both the Red Sox and Yankees. Seventeen of their last 30 are on the road. Two or three key players are injured, although Longoria may come back next week, Crawford is basically done for the regular season.

I’ve also followed enough baseball to remember other collapses. Brewer fans remember last year all too well.

But for an eleven year old team that has been the doormat of the major leagues since their inception, this year has been exciting, no matter where they end up.

Hopefully baseball fever will catch in Tampa Bay.


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