It’s started

by thoughtfulconservative

In the day of instant filing and reading of news stories, it didn’t take long for the Democrats to respond.

She’s too young. She’s inexperienced.

I care about experience in the first chair, not the second. But experience is not the only criterion.

So to my left-of-center friends, keep it coming.

Keep criticizing a woman, small-town America and whatever else you’re going to bring up.


2 Comments to “It’s started”

  1. I’m a lot more interested in the campaign’s policy proposals and those of its party. They suck. That’s why I won’t vote for McCain.

    Even with that said, however, a relatively inexperienced person on a presidential ticket has some proving to do. She’d better get her bio out there and start making some speeches and doing some interviews. If she presents herself well, then all the inexperience may be forgiven–as it largely has been for Obama.

  2. She’s rubber, Obama’s glue. Everything they say about her bounces and sticks to you know who.

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