Daily Kos has jumped the shark

by thoughtfulconservative

Palin’s faked “pregnancy”?  Covering for teen daughter?

Classy. I hope the left just keeps on driving women to McCain.

A tip of the conservative ball cap to The Jawa Report.


8 Responses to “Daily Kos has jumped the shark”

  1. Well, I’m not sure how a conservative could accurate decide when a liberal website has went Fonzie on us and “jumped the shark”. It’s both self-serving and nearly impossible, given that you have no idea what the Kos readers will do with this one post on their site. I followed your link to it and the writer states, “Okay, 11 comments in and already some people are crying out to delete this.” so apparently they are getting negative feedback- as they should. This “story” is bs and they should be called out about it- as you have done, but jumping the shark? No, they are not. It’s simply not so.



  2. It’s an outrageous suggestion, yes–but where’s the part where I go “oh, now I see exactly why it’s bs”?

  3. If you’re asking me, scott, I know it’s bs because it’s on KOS, the MSNBC of blogs 🙂

  4. Thankfully this trash hasn’t spread beyond Kos too much. I think its vengeful story, in retaliation for the ones that talked about Obama’s birth certificate, etc. Unfortunately Republicans had no problem spreading that stupid rumor around the blogs.

  5. Why are pictues of Sarah Palin unacessible? There are several photos of Palin, specifically on a new web site page, but none display her pregnancy. Palin has been in office 20 months, of which 9 she was pregnant, and not one of her closest staff members were aware she was pregnant until 7 months? I’m not saying it is true, but it does require some explanation.

  6. it does require some explanation.

    No it doesn’t. Not to a bunch of nuttier than a Chinese chicken salad barking, screaming moonbats hollering about another conspiracy theory … like the 9/11 Troofers, Elvis is still alive, the moon landing was faked … they are their own echo chamber.


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