Vet laid to rest after 64 years

by thoughtfulconservative

From the website of Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch

Kenneth L. Cassidy finally came home.

The Army second lieutenant was buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery yesterday.

Another brave soldier is laid to rest. This one, however, was killed 64 years ago.

In late April, the Pentagon announced that it had identified Lt. Cassidy’s remains and those of 10 other U.S. servicemen in his crew, missing in action in the Southwest Pacific during World War II.

…The lost airmen died on a Dec. 3, 1943, bomber flight from New Guinea to an island in the Bismarck Sea.

…In 2000, three Papua New Guineans came across aircraft wreckage, and the U.S. Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command — called JPAC — was notified.

In 2004, a JPAC team found an aircraft identification plate that fit with the 1943 crash. Between 2004 and 2007, JPAC teams excavated the site, recovering human remains and other material connected with the crew, including identification tags.

Besides dental records, forensic identification tools and circumstantial evidence, scientists used DNA to help identify the remains.

Truly amazing.

“We identify about 100 remains a year that we have recovered from past wars,” said Air Force Capt. Mary Olsen with the POW/MIA office at the Pentagon.

About 78,000 American service members are still unaccounted for from World War II, Olsen said, and the U.S. spends about $105 million a year on the effort to find those missing in war.

In a related story, via The Telegraph,

The suspected remains of a Second World War airman have been found dangling from a tree in the dense jungles of Papua New Guinea.

The remarkable discovery, which has yet to be confirmed by military authorities, was made by astonished trekkers walking the Kokoda Trail [link added by Ed.], a tortuous mountain path which witnessed intense fighting between Japanese and Australian forces in 1942.


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