Florida university used in massive Ponzi scheme

by thoughtfulconservative

From CNN.com. Here’s the money quote,

Gonzalez filed a lawsuit against Pimstein and his company, the Bottom Line of South Florida, claiming that the entire arrangement was “a classic ‘Ponzi scheme,’ a fraudulent investment operation that involves paying earlier investors from the principal of later investors, rather than from profits generated from real business.”

Doesn’t the federal government call that Social Security?


4 Comments to “Florida university used in massive Ponzi scheme”

  1. Well said! Thank you congress for creating a social insecurity!

  2. Have you guys heard about the Perfect4u and One-vision ponzi scheme in Florida.

    Its real bad do some research on google

  3. I was co-erced in to going to that Perfect4U and One Vision presentation.

    Oh Boy! Talk about brainwashing, I´m not suprised this ponzi scheme is being closed.

    http://www.perfect4u.com and http://www.one-vision.com

    they are exactly the same sight and run by the same crooks, they just keep changing names!

  4. Wow, I was researching http://www.perfect4u.com and http://www.one-vision.com (plus all the other names they used) for my business law degree and they are truly awful.

    Have the leaders finally been indited? They will be facing long terms for:

    Not correctly registered as a company internationally.

    Operating illegally, without licence, when banned from Gibraltar.

    Using proceeds of crimes (previous failed companies) to set up these companies.

    Not declearing their true business model when opening up in various states. (there are 26 US states that would not allow them anyway) but bet they have been daft enough.

    Money laundering charges, both in the past and currently.

    Fraudulant advertising claims.

    Mr Fitzpatrick and Mr Singh, both in violation of their disqualified directorship bans in the UK.

    No business address on the websites.

    Plus numerous vilaltions of pyramid selling laws, despite how they try to dress it up (deceipt)

    Finally our government seems to be acting strongly against pyramid / ponzi scams and other white collar crime in general.

    Were they arrested in UK? Should not be a problem with current extradition treaties.

    I will try to find out more, we have spoken to many victims worldwide and there are many more, but most are too embarressed to admit they were brainwashed and conned.

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