John McCain’s new improved website

by thoughtfulconservative

Got the info via e-mail so I went over and checked it out. You can now choose whether you’re a Supporter,  , or Unregistered voter with the website delivered according to what is checked.

They want to know how folks like it with a survey.

My McCain Space is still not working so that will be on my survey.


3 Comments to “John McCain’s new improved website”

  1. Wow, he gave Obama’s logo back. Good of him.

  2. A Warning for Barack Obama. Concerning your upcoming debates with McCain. Go as the Barack whose white mother comes from Bedford Stuyvesant and whose black father deserted him when he was less than two years old. This is not the debate club. This is not Confirmation class. This is the boxing ring. And best you be a Mohammed Ali. He should have been your first pick as wise advisor, not your dear, if wise, family oriented wife. You tell McCain: I don’t believe your prisoner of war shit any more than I believe you didn’t have the questions ahead of time. You tell them you don’t believe it, Barack, because you have an email from a mathematician who says it was probabilistically and experientially too obvious, the ease with which McCain answered the important first set of questions so presciently perfect.

    Our mathematics can also prove that Iraq was an invasion of American Forces, not a coalition, other than in words. And our bio-mathematical analysis also suggests that the conservatives are all perverse homosexual rapists and liars, collectively a Mark Foley, Larry Craig flag-shipped ludicrous bunch of power mad faggots. Cindy McCain is a subordinate fem lesbian. She goes down for the strap-on. Up the ass. It all fits with Cindy’s pill popping. Ask her drug rehab psychiatrist. Cindy was an upper class piece of cake for her rich parents who fucked her when she was a child as often happens to daughters in rich families in their having both the requisite perversity and the power to get away with it. Take a second look at this blank eyed plaything who was McCain’s mistress while McCain trashed his first wife who waited faithfully for him the five years after McCain’s plane was shot down while bombing the life out of a hundred thousand Vietcong women, children and primitive men living in thatched huts whose prime sin in their napalmed life was that they lived in a land that had oil off its shores when the North Vietnamese were kid brothers of our Orwellian foe, the Russians. Or, if your prefer the soapier explanation, McCain’s first wife was fucking for other soldiers even before John was shot down. That’s as typical for military wives as it is for the daughters of the rich. The military is too powerful in its officer rank to allow for anything vaguely resembling love except in a Ronald Reagan propaganda movie. Contrast to Dwight Eisenhower’s love affair with his secretary that had no love in it because our General and President was admittedly impotent. Typical for a Republican. It’s the orderliness of living at that level of military hierarchical control that ends freedom. If the soldier’s superior officer owns your husband, you’re not going to be nice to him? Rape and coercion is the reproductive strategy followed in the military, both heterosexual and homosexual. Yes sir! It’s said perfectly in the movie, The Sergeant, starring Rod Steiger, who was never hired again, blacklisted, after he made that piece of truth. McCain ditched his unfaithful whore of a wife. Or alternatively, if she really was June Allison, McCain messed her up bad by sneaking off with another woman, the aforesaid, child molested, Cindy, I like to have my tits pinched by my mother, McCain.

    This is a slightly more realistic view than you may have, Barack. Open your eyes to it or otherwise you can kiss your family goodbye. Dukakis’s faithful loving wife, Kitty, started taking cough medicine like it was Gator Aide after they lost the election with egg on their faces. It wasn’t what the Dukakis’s had succeeded at that mattered, Governor of Massachusetts and sparkly wife as presidential candidates. It was what they didn’t succeed at that mattered. So Barack, put Michelle’s advice aside. And listen to Mohammed Ali, I am the greatest, today. In the next round, kick McCain in the balls. We wrote a letter to your Denver Campaign Coordinator, Victoria Scott-Haynes, whose husband played football for the Denver Broncos, telling Victoria, way back in May, that your just taking the crap, as started in the ABC debate, is deadly. But Victoria and the rest of your campaign are as blind to the reality of the game up at the next level as you are. Your fate, Barack, is as in the movie, Field of Dreams, as the guy who gets one time at bat in the major leagues and strikes out. If you lose, and you are going to if you don’t listen up, it will be, as we make clear on our website, your ass strewn across the backboard in a very public way with them waiting down below bucket of tar and basket of chicken feathers in hand.

    We say all this scientifically, mathematically. We agree with and actively defend Robert Scheer’s insight in the San Francisco Chronicle that Saakashvili and the Georgia war were schemed up intentionally to make McCain look good and fire up his once sputtering campaign and beat you. It’s in the SF Chronicle. Obampa Bumpa, you don’t get to play it a second time around, dummy. So I suggest you pay attention to the insults hurled at you on for being such a chicken shit pretender, when what was expected and is still needed is that you be the fearless, out of the night, super hero leader you once promised to be with your tone and style. You have superior talent. You should be able to beat McCain, an ass fucking, military brat, liar. You think his mother was any less a whore than his wives? And mummy owns her Johnny sonny boy next president like Aunt Tillie owns her aging Labrador Retriever. Barak, baby, promise you will take risk quickly, throw Jesus and Pastor Warren and other rabbit foot superstition out of the car, and know, oh last hope of us all, that you have nothing to lose by completely putting your ass on the line. There is no tomorrow for you, or for the rest of us. Put some truth behind your saxophone. Or toss it into the ocean and step aside and make room for Hillary. While there’s still time to repair the huge hole torpedoed into the Democratic Part ship of state, the only Ship of State we have left, because if it goes down, competitive government shifts to the totalitarian, no real opposition, kind, aka, THE END.

    Mrs. Ruth and Dr. Peter V. Calabria

  3. Wow.

    I’m convinced. I’m converting to liberalism.

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