Republican Dream Ticket?

by thoughtfulconservative

I don’t think it would be as dreamy as Mr. Lowe thinks.

But it is funny, in a Republican sort of way.

Republican Dream Ticket


6 Responses to “Republican Dream Ticket?”

  1. Obama will beat McCain in a walk. Adding Clinton to the ticket hurts more than it helps, probably, but he’d still win.

    I give her less than 10% odds of getting asked. She’d unite partisan Democrats, but she’d also unite partisan Republicans–and alienate swing voters. On the plus side, she dilutes his messages on the war and on representing change in Washington.

    Make that less than 5% chance of getting asked. But he’d win anyway.

  2. One of our nation’s key experts on cults, David Conn (the author of LEDNORF’S DILEMMA. a science fiction novel that was written specifically in order to expose the cult mentality of liberals and how they were the primary energy behind Jim Jones and his rise to political power in California). Mr. Conn made a notarized statement on Feb 21, 2008 (prior to the Rev. Wright thing becoming public). Here is a quote from that statement: “… some observations that evade the public’s eye. The first has to do with Michelle Obama’s statement in which she made it clear that she has never in her adult life been proud of her country. I want to point out the deeper implications in what she said, something the public hasn’t thought about. Michelle made it obvious that only when something good happened to HER, only THEN, does it warrant our being proud of America. She has, therefore, unwittingly revealed a prodigious ego—such that she sees her own life to be the criterion, the only valid frame of reference by which America is to be judged as worthy of our being proud of it. For this reason she is an unhealthy partner for a man who may become President of our country. She reveals both an abiding anger and a sick ego. It is a dreadful combination.”

  3. scott, I fear (for conservative) that you’ve nailed it. I no longer see the Pubbies winning in Nov., which is why I expressed skepticism at the cartoon. I’m undecided if I will even vote for McCain. He seems more and more like an empty suit (of course, I think Obama is too, but that’s a different post, still in germination).

    Mr. Croin, the plain weird first sentence makes the rest of your comment difficult to believe.

  4. The rest of his comment does nothing to inspire confidence, either. The phrase “raving lunatic” come to mind, in fact. YMMV.

  5. Well, at least, you read it, scott. I quit after the first sentence.


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