McCain’s Evangelical Problem?

by thoughtfulconservative

The Week had a compendium of op/ed pieces about John McCain’s potential (?) problems with conservative evangelicals. Here are the pieces if you can’t access the link:

McCain Extends His Outreach, but Evangelicals Are Still Wary

Lori Viars, an evangelical activist in Ohio, said she is waiting to see whether McCain uses his choice of a running mate to ease concerns among social conservatives about his views on abortion and other social issues. “A lot of us are in a holding pattern.”

Evangelicals not McCain’s only problem

McCain needs to drum up more enthusiasm from many parts of the Republican coalition, but his “need for the evangelicals is most crucial.”

Religious Right feeling rejected by McCain

“the fact is, McCain’s moderates can’t beat Obama’s adoring groupies.” Moderates aren’t the voters who “raise money, register voters, print and pass out voter guides, recruit their neighbors, and drive people to the polls.”

A Campaign We Can Believe In?

There are plenty of reasons for Republicans to be “alarmed that the McCain campaign doesn’t seem up to the task of electing John McCain.”

There was also one in the Tennessean over the weekend.

D. Michael Lindsay, assistant director of the Center on Race, Religion and Urban Life at Rice University, said white evangelicals, which make up a quarter to a third of the vote in most elections, have been the largest and most loyal bloc of votes for the Republicans.

But in high-turnout Democratic primaries, there were signs of slippage for the GOP. Exit polls showed that in Virginia and Georgia primaries, both won by Obama, the Illinois senator won overwhelmingly among those who go to church at least weekly. Those voters were 44 percent of the Democratic primary electorate in Georgia, 38 percent in Virginia.

So they make it sound like McCain only has trouble with evangelical or social conservatives. My observations are that he has trouble with conservatives of all stripes, not just religious ones.

McCain’s just got problems and i don’t think they’re getting better yet. That may change.

I sure hope so.


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