Four dollar gas

by thoughtfulconservative

Remember when we thought $3 gas was expensive?

We haven’t had to buy any $4 gas yet although we may have to before the end of the summer.


2 Comments to “Four dollar gas”

  1. This posting was today June 9th.
    Gas is $4 in Green Bay.
    $3.99 and 9/10ths is $4.
    Unless that 1/10th of a dollar per gallon is your denial.

    That is 32 cents per ounce.
    One-tenth of one cent is about a teaspoon worth of gas.

    Nice denial.

  2. Yes, the 1/10th was my out the end of last month when I left WI, although I think I got it for 3.95 in WI and IL. Here in Nashville some are 3.99/ others are as low as 3.89. FL will be the test.

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