Summer Travel – Days 2 and 3

by thoughtfulconservative

Early in our marriage, we attended First Baptist Church in Climax Springs, MO. Our friend from that time had shared with us previously that the church was celebrating their 150th anniversary on June 1st. So we made plans to attend.

On the road to Climax Springs, we observed an odd sign,

This is not a misprint. You can find a little bit at Budget Travels’ Wacky Festivals post.

Here’s a photo from last year.

Looks yummy, no?

While this one is more about eating (I think), Montana has one also, which I see is definitely not for children.

OK, enough of that.

We had a good time in Climax Springs at the church and with our friends where we spent Sunday night.

Monday morning we shot down to Camdenton, MO, where we had lunch with another friend. We also stopped at one of those cheesy tourist trap gift shops called Ozarkland (scroll down a bit). There were more Confederate flags there than American.

Some items for sale, fudge, a half-mug (for those who want a half cup of coffee), more collectible thimbles, magnets and other stuff than you could shake a stick at, art and plaques.


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