Gas prices and the death of the SUV

by thoughtfulconservative

The Week daily asks, “Will $4 gas kill the SUV?” Everyone seems to say yes, but Dad29 has a different take.

What makes me think Dad29 is closer to the real reason is in Charles Krauthammer’s Washington Post piece noted in The Week’s summary,

At $3 a gallon, Americans just grin and bear it, suck it up and, while complaining profusely, keep driving like crazy. At $4, it is a world transformed.

Do we really think that $4 a gallon is some magic number?

No doubt, price is a reason, maybe even a major reason, but certainly not the only reason.

By the way,here in Nashville, gas prices went up about 10 cents overnight to almost $4

Don’t know what that means for every one else.

The CMA Festival is going on here, which may have something to do with it.


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