Notes from Missouri

by thoughtfulconservative

I thought I had more, but could only find this one. $100-a-month sewer bills are on horizon, MSD official says.

Of course that, in itself, says something, especially for those of us in southeastern Wisconsin under MMSD.

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District executive director Jeff Theerman told the St. Louis County Council on Tuesday that the district’s 440,000 customers can expect to see sewer bills of at least $100 a month “in the not too distant future.”

Talk about your sticker shock. Why? I’m glad you asked.

Theerman said the sewer district will need the money to comply with a mandate from the Environmental Protection Agency to eliminate sewage overflows into local waterways. The grand total could top $4 billion, he said.

The overflows are an age-old problem that occurs whenever MSD’s pipes get overburdened during heavy rain or snow melt.

Sound familiar? But, as they say, wait, there’s more!

On March 1, MSD began charging property owners 12 cents a month for each 100 square foot of area that does not absorb water, such as roofs, patios, driveways or parking lots.

The typical homeowner pays $3 a month for storm-water control service. That monthly bill will grow to $7.25 on Jan. 1, 2014.

Perhaps we’re seeing something in our future?


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