“Racist Kentucky Hillbillies Back Hillary”

by thoughtfulconservative

Obviously, this guy knows nothing about Kentucky or the headline would have read,

Ignorant Racist Kentucky Inbred Gun-toting Religious Hillbillies Back Hillary


8 Comments to ““Racist Kentucky Hillbillies Back Hillary””

  1. Does Appalachia have more mental retardation, etc? In a 1974 paper tactfully entitled “The Geography of Stupidity in the U.S.A.,” researcher Nathaniel Weyl notes that the three states having the highest white failure rate on the Armed Forces Qualification Test in 1968 were Kentucky (14.8 percent), Tennessee (14.2 percent), and West Virginia (13.4 percent). Weyl attributes the “abnormally large proportion of white mental defectives in the Appalachian region” to, among other things, “the notoriously high rates of inbreeding among the Appalachian population.”

  2. And this is why they back Hillary? I’m confused.

  3. If you don’t want trouble you will not use the word mental retardation and also I hope Obama looses in the fall ,now just for that !!!!

  4. Speaking for all the inbred people from the united states of Satan. I would like to proclaim that my sister who also happens to be my uncle LOVES hil-ary clitan (oops I mean Clinton) and Obama (See his name even sounds threatening) is the black devil. We defiantly are racist and inbred, hell my grandma is my babys daddy.

  5. After being stuck in hellville ( Louisville ) KY with our company for a few years I can definitely concur with the inbred deal. Backwoods doesn’t cover it! Those Bubba’s may not voted just because they won’t be able to figure out HOW to vote. Can’t believe people that inbred live in the USA. Horrid!

  6. This is really unbelievable.

  7. If they were backing HIllary they may be racists, but they are NOT ignorant or stupid. 🙂
    And that they are racists maybe be debatable.

  8. Actually, I probably live in the most “redneck” part of Eastern Kentucky and I consider myself to be very educated. Not everyone in Kentucky is a racist or inbred. I come from a school of very well educated business professionals that are now succesful doctors, surgeons, lawyers,ect. While there are some people whom may fit your description, they are still human and don’t deserve to be talked about like animals. Not everyone has had the same advantages and while there are some bad parts of Kentucky, it’s also a beautiful place with beautiful thoroughbreads and scenery with a rich southern culture. Oh, and did I mention George Clooney and Johhny Depp? LOL

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