I hate being right

by thoughtfulconservative

I really would like the Brewers to do well.

But remember I said,

This club is no better and may in fact be worse than last year’s 83-79 team. It remains to be seen if Gagne will even regain his form much less be better than Cordero. Does Braun have a sophomore season approaching last year’s rookie year while moving to left field? Does Bill Hall regain his team MVP season of two years ago? Will Sheets remain healthy? Do all those bullpen changes work?

I should have added I was skeptical Fielder could top last year, but you can’t think of everything.

I still hope I’m wrong.

2 Comments to “I hate being right”

  1. Dean,

    Call me crazy, but I think Fielder is intentionally piking it out of bitterness for still being paid $600,000/yr when Braun gets the big pay day. I’d bet money Fielder just wants to get traded, and will then proceed to be a 40-50 HR guy every year for a team that’s willing to pay him.

    I hope we’re both wrong.

  2. No doubt there’s bitterness. Wow. Piking it for more money. I thought it was just going vegan.

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