“Referendum talk divides board”

by thoughtfulconservative

From the Waukesha Freeman.

Very interesting quotes here.

Board members Kurt O’Bryan and Frank Finman said they question the quality of education for students entering the district, saying they were glad some of their children are getting out before it collapses.

“I look at my two children in the school district, I see my 11th-grader, who I think is going to escape out the door before the roof caves in,” Finman said. “And I look at my eighth-grader and the education she’s getting, and compare that to the education her older sister’s getting, and they aren’t even comparable.”

O’Bryan said part of a referendum is about how it is presented to residents.

“If we all agree that our backs are against the wall, then I think we should pursue one,” O’Bryan said. “The scenario you have to give them is that it’s either this or it’s this. One option is the referendum and the other is to shut this district down, which this board has the power to do.”

Time is also an issue for board members because they blame the failure of the 2005 referendum on a lack of planning. While they didn’t come up with an exact date, the November election was mentioned several times.

Yeah, lack of planning. Or perhaps, Roger Danielson. Anything except that Waukesha residents are opposed to seeing their taxes go up just “to see the roof cave in” or to see it “shut down” when the next one fails.

Is Mr. O’Bryan’s comment the nuclear option? Is he calling the voters’ bluff?

Way to instill confidence in the schools.


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