More on Grassley’s probe of ‘prosperity’ televangelists

by thoughtfulconservative

Comments on this update on Sen. Grassley‘s investigation of six charismatic ministries by cole Ty and goliathwhite, led me to the following articles:

From the Dallas Morning News

Nearly two-dozen conservative Christian leaders have signed a letter to the Senate Finance Committee questioning an investigation into six large ministries that preach a gospel of prosperity.

The letter argues that the 6-month-old inquiry sets a dangerous precedent. It also suggests that the ministries were targeted for sharing “the same branch of evangelicalism” and promoting “socially conservative public policy positions such as support for the traditional definition of marriage.”

The comment from Grassley’s staff,

Jill Kozeny, a spokeswoman for Grassley, said the investigation is not concerned with church doctrine but with the adequacy of tax-exempt laws that have not been substantially changed since 1968.

So, presumably, the tax-exempt laws may be inadequate? We don’t know. They won’t tell us.

The other was this post from Southern Appeal

Grassley’s letter to the ministries simply states that there are unspecified ”articles and reports” floating around “regarding the possible misuse of donations.” Are you freaking kidding me? This smells like a witch hunt to me, plain and simple.

See that post for many more links and the full text of the letter mentioned by the Dallas Morning News.

9 Responses to “More on Grassley’s probe of ‘prosperity’ televangelists”

  1. It’s great to see other Christian leaders getting behind Copeland. The bigger picture is what is at stake here, and Senator Grassley should never be given the authority to ask for this kind of information from these groups.

  2. I kind of agree with you here, Alison. Congress does make laws regarding tax exemptions and so they should be monitoring to make sure they’ve made those laws correctly, to the best of their ability.

    Yet, singling out six ministries for this treatment, as one blogger wrote, smacks of some kind of bigotry.

    Otherwise, the investigation should properly be in the hands of the IRS.

  3. I have to agree with you. The IRS should be handling this and if Grassley had simply asked for a proper IRS audit to begin with then there wouldn’t be all this drama. It’s good to see other Christian leaders getting behind Copeland as well.

  4. This is the deal. Whether or not one agrees with the lifestyles of these ministries, they feed many, many people spiritually. That is still a freedom in this country. And, we have to remember that almost sixty years ago, America went through a horrible misuse of power that terrified all citizens from speaking their truth because they would be next. My favorite president, Harry Truman, had the guts (as always) to speak against this abuse. “Real Americanism means fair play. It means that a man [or ministry] who is accused of a crime shall be considered innocent until he has been proved guilty. It means that people are not to be penalized and persecuted for exercising their constitutional liberties.” Senator Grassley’s investigation seems to me to be pushing the boundaries of Senator McCarthy’s infamous witch hunts.

  5. Again, good thoughts on the subject harry.truman. Innocent until proven guilty goes by the board much too ofter anymore.

  6. I’m not sure. If these 6 ministries are well known, the most talked about, and the most “wealthy” to outside observers, an investigation into them could well lead onto a more widespread one.

    You cannot investigate every single ministry out there. If these 6 show no evidence of mishandling, there will probably be no further action.

    However, if any show some error, is it not fair to have the case continued and perhaps opened up?

    These are men of God. They should be happy to stand up to accusations, knowing that they will be vindicated, and shown to be pure.

  7. looks like Copeland is fighting back with a website of his own. I can’t say that I blame him. This article recently came out in Dallas Star Telegram..

  8. “These are men of God. They should be happy to stand up to accusations, knowing that they will be vindicated, and shown to be pure.”

    I have to agree with you there, sc.


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