Professor threatens lawsuit against her students

by thoughtfulconservative

This is great.

Priya Venkatesan ‘90, a former Writing 5 lecturer and research associate at Dartmouth Medical School, is threatening to name seven of her former students in a potential civil rights lawsuit against the College, DMS and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Venkatesan announced Friday….

Venkatesan, who said she left Dartmouth voluntarily on March 17, contends that she was subjected to “inappropriate and unprofessional” behavior while at the College.

So what did the students do to bring the wrath of this teacher on them?

As an example of Venkatesan’s rejection of views different from her own, the student highlighted Venkatesan’s cancelation of class for a week after the class applauded a student who contradicted Venkatesan’s opinions about post-modernism.

Venkatesan said the incident occurred when she was lecturing about “The Death of Nature,” a book by Carolyne Merchant, and the witch trials of the Renaissance. The student went on a “diatribe” about the inappropriate nature of challenging patriarchal authority, Venkatesan said. Vakatesan respected the student’s right to express this opinion, she said, but the manner in which he vocalized his views and the applause afterward were disrespectful and offensive.

They wouldn’t just accept what she would say!

Ms. Venkatesan lectured in freshman composition, intended to introduce undergraduates to the rigors of expository argument. “My students were very bully-ish, very aggressive, and very disrespectful,” she told Tyler Brace of the Dartmouth Review. “They’d argue with your ideas.” This caused “subversiveness,” a principle English professors usually favor.

Definitely disrespectful.

Ms. Venkatesan’s scholarly specialty is “science studies,” which, as she wrote in a journal article last year, “teaches that scientific knowledge has suspect access to truth.” She continues: “Scientific facts do not correspond to a natural reality but conform to a social construct.

Ah, now I can respond to my Darwinian and global warming friends in true post-modern fashion.

2 Comments to “Professor threatens lawsuit against her students”

  1. These so-called “post-modernists” are silly enough without having obvious personality problems, as this woman clearly does.

  2. Thankfully, the vast majority of teachers are not like her.

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