CQ Politics VP Madness

by thoughtfulconservative

It’s down to the “Elite Eight” after these results.

More than 10,000 votes have been cast and the Elite Eight has emerged:

  • Mike Huckabee (54%) vs. Condoleezza Rice (45%)
  • Mark Sanford (53%) vs. Mitt Romney (46%)
  • Tim Pawlenty (55%) vs. Colin Powell (44%)
  • Kay Bailey Hutchison (52%) vs. Tom Ridge (47%)
  • Sarah Palin (62%) vs. Sam Brownback (37%)
  • Bobby Jindal (52%) vs. Michael Steele (47%)
  • >Rob Portman (60%) vs. Joe Lieberman (39%)
  • Charlie Crist (60%) vs. John Thune (39%)

Round three begins today. Visit www.cqpolitics.com/vpmadness to make your picks. The Final Four is less than a week away!


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