ABSA (Anyone But Sensenbrenner Again)

by thoughtfulconservative

I know, it’s not as snappy as “ABBA” four years ago, but without a Democratic challenger as of this writing, Jim Burkee gets backhanded, not endorsements, but at least, nods of approval from those who just want to see incumbent Jim Sensenbrenner defeated.

Note this from Uppity Wisconsin

So far, Jim Burkee is Wisconsin’s only hope to de-throne the 40-year incumbency of fifth congressional district Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Menominee Falls), and what a slog it’s going to be.

No doubt Democrats would love to see Burkee win as this would give them better chance of winning the Fifth district.

A quick reading also brought this post from Jack Lohman from early February,

Only one challenger has emerged, Jim Burkee, and he’s running as a Republican in the September primary. He isn’t real happy with Sensenbrenner either, and if he unseats him he’ll likely face a Democratic challenger. This is not an endorsement, yet, but he’s got to be better than what we have today. I’m waiting to hear more on his positions.

And a couple of weeks back, our beloved xoff wrote this,

Having lost the Dem half of the ill-conceviced[sic] dual candidacy, are the Dems going to field a candidate, or it is time to start rallying behind Birkey [sic]?

On that post, Mr. Lohman also commented,

Burkee is an excellent option to Senselessbrenner[sic]. I’ve met him and he’s got his head screwed on right. Not quite there as far as health care reform, but hopefully the Dems will outvote the R’s on this one.

Not much chance of a crossover vote, but our left-of-center friends certainly make clear their preference on the Republican side.

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