What recession?

by thoughtfulconservative

Texas looking at $10.7 billion surplus (from the Houston Chronicle via Stateline.org).

Oil and gas employment in Texas grew by 7.5 percent between March 2007 and March 2008, leading an overall increase of 214,000 Texas jobs, comptroller’s spokesman R.J. DeSilva said.

Consequently, sales tax revenue, a major source of state government income, also continues to grow.

And, DeSilva added, Texas has been insulated more than other states from the sub-prime mortgage lending crisis. Texas, he said, avoided the housing price bubbles that hurt states like California and Florida.

At least some folks are doing OK.

BTW, is there a recession yet?


4 Comments to “What recession?”

  1. A big surplus with no state income tax and a gasoline tax of 20 cents per gallon compared to Wisconsin’s 31.4 cents per gallon. In fact, a tax burden which Retirement Living (dot) com lists as 43rd amongst all states as opposed to the great state of Diamond Jim Doyle at #7.

  2. Packing?

  3. Many of the southern states are the same, which is probably why companies have been moving south for awhile.

  4. I don’t think Texas is in my future, but then I’ve never been accused of being too smart.

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