Round Two in VP Madness

by thoughtfulconservative

It doesn’t mean a thing, but round two of CQ’s VP Madness has begun.

With record turnout, more than 6,000 votes were cast in the first round. Here are the big winners:

  • Condoleezza Rice (69%) vs. Chuck Hagel (30%)
  • Mike Huckabee (60%) vs. Lindsey Graham (39%)
  • Mark Sanford (84%) vs. Jim DeMint (15%)
  • Mitt Romney (75%) vs. Marsha Blackburn (24%)
  • Tim Pawlenty (82%) vs. Phil Gramm (17%)
  • Colin Powell (56%) vs. David Petraeus (43%)
  • Tom Ridge (53%) vs. Haley Barbour (46%)
  • Kay Bailey Hutchison (69%) vs. Rudy Guiliani (30%)
  • Sarah Palin (59%) vs. Rick Perry (40%)
  • Sam Brownback (61%) vs. Fred Thompson (38%)
  • Michael Steele (65%) vs. Tom Coburn (34%)
  • Bobby Jindal (58%) vs. Mike Pence (41%)
  • Rob Portman (60%) vs. Eric Cantor (39%)
  • Joe Lieberman (66%) vs. Jeb Bush (33%)
  • John Thune (63%) vs. Jon Huntsman, Jr. (36%)
  • Charlie Crist (66%) vs. J.C. Watts (33%)

Visit the site  to make your picks.


3 Comments to “Round Two in VP Madness”

  1. I don’t believe they were separating conservative from other, although they did give a short bio on each candidate.

    Nor is it a foregone conclusion that McCain is going to pick a conservative, although I feel he should. That conservative should be a female or a minority.

  2. Note for my readers: Mickey White is running for Marsha Blackburn’s seat.

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